Roulette Strategy at the Online Casino

roulette strategy online internet systemTime and again we hear from players who claim to know the perfect, guaranteed-to-win Roulette System for Online Casinos. All these systems are nonsense. Roulette is a game of luck, but a fair one, because 97% of the bets are paid out to players as winnings. If you compare this with your national lottery, in which the payout is less than 50% of the bets, then you are obviously better off gambling at the online casino's roulette tables.

There is a strategy that seems to promise success, namely the relatively well-known system of constant doubling. After you lose, you double the bet, and after a win you start again with the basic bet. This of course would work in theory, but in practice there are some difficulties.
First, you need a very high amount of money to follow this through, even if you only play simple 50/50 chances like red or black. Theoretically, it is very possible to encounter long losing streaks, and if you are considering to start at $5 and double up always, then after 6 lost spins in a row, you will already have lost $315. This would of course be even worse if you were betting on individual numbers or even at combinations of 3 or 4 numbers.
Moreover, the bets allowed are usually limited to the top, so you couldn't pursue this strategy indefinitely, even if you had the necessary funds.

You should simply look at Roulette for what it is - a game where you have fun, and win some money if you are lucky.
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