Internet Scratch Cards

Like the traditional paper variety, internet scratch cards are instant play gambling cards in which the gambler "scratches" off the card coating to reveal numbers or symbols. If the numbers or symbols on the gambler's internet scratch card match the winning criteria (3 of a kind, sequence, or matching are the traditional wins), the gambler receives the payout corresponding with their internet scratch card's symbols. Much like traditional paper cards, internet scratch cards offer gamblers a quick adrenaline rush with instant gratification. There is no skill involved in internet scratch cards, so even beginning gamblers can play.

Choosing an Internet Scratch Card Site

Since internet scratch cards rely purely on luck of the draw, it is imperative that the gambler choose a reputable site for purchasing internet scratch cards. If not, the gambler may find that their internet scratch cards are rigged and will never pay out. Before purchasing internet scratch cards from a casino or gambling site, the gambler should research the business. By searching for overall reviews, the gambler can see how the internet scratch card site or casino is rated as a whole. By and large, if a casino or internet scratch card site is a long running, generally well reviewed site, their internet scratch cards will be reputable. No otherwise profitable site is going to risk their reputation merely to win a few extra dollars through selling rigged internet scratch cards.

Downloading Software Versus Playing Internet Scratch Cards Online

It is always better to play internet scratch cards purely online, rather than downloading software from an internet scratch card site or a casino. Downloading software gives hackers an extra opportunity to insert malware or viruses into the internet scratch card program, which can affect computers and potentially leech financial information. It is easy to find internet scratch card flash games, which require no download.

Purchasing and Redeeming Internet Scratch Cards

In order to get started with internet scratch cards, the gambler must set up an account and deposit money into the casino or internet scratch card site. Most reputable casinos and internet scratch card sites will provide a number of secure methods of transferring funds, including the option to pay with major credit cards, eWallets, or PayPal. Always make sure the internet scratch card site is affiliated with major credit cards before using a card. It is safest to use these methods, as the payment dispute teams at the credit card or online firm can assist with any disputes between the gambler and the internet scratch card site.

After the gambler deposits money and wins, the internet scratch card site deposits the winnings back into the original method of payment. If the gambler paid with a credit card, the internet scratch card site would deposit a positive credit in the account, which functions like a payment against the outstanding credit card balance. For eWallets and PayPal, the internet scratch card site deposits money in the main account.

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