Are online Casinos rigged?

Since the early times, when online casinos were launched, there have been many allegations about games being rigged and players not being treated fairly. If you've played casino games for a while, you probably experienced some of those ''unreal'' things happening. However, there are several reasons why online casinos are not rigged and will never be.

The House Edge

All casino games are designed in a way so that casino always holds an advantage over the player. Each of the games offered features this, some edges are significant, while others are relatively small. House edge is one of the reasons, why casinos have no reason to cheat. They hold a legal advantage and will always earn money from their players. If a casino was to rig their games, they would risk with loosing all their players, license and all of their guaranteed, legal earnings. Why would anyone ever want that?


Casino businesses are officially licensed by governing entities and are getting checked on a monthly basis. These licensing entities check everything – the fairness of games, payout percentages and even how fast a particular casino pays their customers out. If there's something shady going on, casino puts themselves at risk for loosing this license. Operating without a license is not possible, thus they put themselves at risk for being shut down.

Software creation

While there are hundreds if not thousands of different online casinos, there are only a dozen software creators and providers. Software providers are creating everything from design to RNG (random number generator), so it's impossible for a single casino to make games unfair. Only ones, that would be able to are software creators. These are billion dollar companies, we are talking about. Again, why would they ever do that, if they are earning billions of dollars in a legal way?

Legal Action

Another reason for casinos not being rigged is legal action. Sure, there are plenty of people who have been cheating in order to earn money. There might be some in the online gambling industry too. However, when a particular casino is caught cheating its customers, not only they have to pay all the money back to their players, but they also face legal action and many years in the prison, most of the time.

Still not enough reasons?

It's ok. There's a way to feel even more secure in terms of fairness and security. You have to choose a legit casino! What does it mean? Legit or legitimate casinos are the ones, who have been around for years and earned great reputation. They are also widely known across the world, for their generous sponsoring of events, sports teams and so on.

Two of these legitimate online casinos are Bet365 and SlotLand. First is a huge company, that has been around since 2001. By offering some of the widest forms of gambling, Bet365 (click here to visit) is certainly a name you can trust!

SlotLand is a great alternative, as it accepts USA players. Click here to visit their website. SlotLand is known for their online slot games, as these are made by themselves and are not shared across a network of online casinos. You won't be disappointed by joining either of these two.

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