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You want to play for free at the online casino with no no deposit? Then you've come to the right place. Some of the casinos we have tested offer free money to start playing with. Check our top-rated casinos for the best offers to start playing for free - Casino Classic is a great example (read the review). There are basically two models for this:

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Many casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which are basically free casino money. After signup, you get a certain amount of casino credit without a deposit. Typically, free bonuses are between $ 5 and $ 100 - mostly rather small amounts of money. These offers give the casino players the opportunity to try the casino for free without risking their own money right away. This way you can play online casino with no deposit on your part.
If you win using that free money, in order to keep your winnings you must make a minimum deposit first.

Free Spin Casino Promotions

Not all casinos have no deposit bonuses for new players - many casinos offer free spins instead, which work in a similar way. The "Free Spin" promotions give players a starting capital of about $ 500 to $ 2000, sometimes for limited time.  If you win a lot, you make a deposit in order to collect this bonus. Free bonuses (see first paragraph) are better because most of the time, they can be paid out if you win. With the Free Spin model, you have to continue playing - wagering your winnings at least a certain amount of time - before you can have them paid out.
The majority of all free no deposit bonus offers have certain maximum payouts. If the casino didn't make such a restriction, everybody would play for free only and there would not be a profit for the casino operator.
If you have a time limit on your free spins, play aggressively and with high bets. It is fun to play with a free spin bonus as most players do not make large deposits and do not know how it feels to use $ 50 per pass at a slot machine. Aggressive play is really more entertaining - feel like a high roller for once with the free spins!

Almost all the free bonuses are valid for slots (slot machines), Keno and scratch cards. Games such as blackjack, table games, video poker and progressive slots are usually (but not always) excluded from free spins and no-deposit bonus play.

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