What is a Flash Casino

On this page, we want to tell you what a Flash casino is. Would you like to play in a casino, but have no desire to download a troublesome software? No problem, just as the online gambling scene has continued to develop, so do the innovations of the casino software. These large companies are constantly working to improve their graphics and casino games, and in recent years they have imported flash casinos operating without the need of a software download.

A Flash Casino is ideal for players who want to enjoy casino games like slot machines, video poker or Blackjack at once without extra waiting time for downloads, etc. With a Flash casino no download is necessary since players have the opportunity to play their favorite casino games right from the browser. This is obviously a great feature, especially for players whose Internet connection is not too well and for players who do not want to store 30 different softwares on their computer. 

I for one was pleasantly surprised how these no-download flash casinos work, and frankly I can see little difference between the Flash or Java version of the casino software and the downloaded version. The best I found was the flash version of the 888 casino - fast loading times, great graphics and a welcome bonus of $ 1,400 make for a great experience! With one click here, you can go to 888 casino and play the flash casino version within seconds!

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