Why you should delete your cookies before downloading the casino software

Influence of cookies on the casino bonus

Each time you visit a Web page, that page sets a "cookie" (a file that is used to identify you) on the hard drive of your computer. When signing up with an online casino website that leads to the following problem:

The casinos change and update their casino bonus offers regularly. But from the first visit to a casino site, you will be connected with a certain bonus offer. On your next visit to download the software, and because of old cookies on your computer, you cannot be sure that you get the latest casino bonus offer - the old bonus offer may even have expired - in this case, you get no bonus at all!

You should also remember that your computer may have been used by others, and that others may have previously been at the casino site, or that you may have forgotten you have already visited the site. If the casino uses a casino bonus code, then this usually has priority over the cookie and you are on the safe side when using the casino bonus code for this casino.
For casinos using bonus codes, you will find the latest version of the bonus code on our site - they are being updated constantly.

Installing the Casino software

So, for a casino without bonus codes, you must delete cookies from your computer first. If the software of the casino has been installed previously, you have to de-install it, then delete the cookies and install the software as new. Since the casino software is being updated regularly, the old software installation on your computer is probably not valid any more, anyway.
By the way, you generally should delete these cookies from time to time, because otherwise you collect a lot of garbage on your hard drive and that means that your computer will be running slower.

How to uninstall the software and delete your cookies:

Casino software uninstall:
Go to your System Preferences panel and look for the "Installed Software" section. Wait until the computer has created a list of installed software, find the casino software, mark it and click on uninstall
Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer:
Go to menu Tools / Internet Options, then click the "Delete Cookies" button.
Delete cookies in Firefox:
Go to menu Tools / Settings, then click "Privacy" and then click on "Show Cookies", then click "Remove all cookies"

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