Playing Internet Casinos from Any Country

In my recent travels to The Dominican Republic I found myself unable to access certain online gambling sites because my Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides me with an IP address based out of the United States. As many of you are aware players from the United States are unable to access different Online Casinos thanks to George DubYaa Bush and his UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) legislation. I had to find a way around this issue to be able to satisfy my urge to gamble online. To this end I discovered Strong VPN.

Mask Your United States Playing Location

With the assistance of Strong VPN Software I am able to use an IP address from countries allowing me to access gambling sites restricted by the United States legislation. I have found Strong VPN to be a very good program to allow me access from countries in Europe along with Central and South America to provide anonymous access to gaming sites everywhere. There are other programs available to allow this, some of the programs are available free of charge. But, for safe, continuous access which has been very reliable I will happily spend the $5.00 monthly to ensure my tournaments are not interrupted. If you want to get your own account at StrongVPN follow this link and Sign Up today.

Casino Deposits and Collecting My Winnings

With the first part of the equation solved the rest was easy for me because I had already set up and account with Moneybookers ( renamed Skrill now). This site allows you to deposit money to the Casinos using various methods including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and bank direct deposits. They claim to be able to accept deposits from players living in the USA without any problems. The goal is not solely to deposit but the be able to win and spend your riches, so Moneybookers offers deposits back to your method of payment and can even provide you with a MasterCard & Debit Card tied to your account so it will be very easy to spend your winnings anywhere in the world. To get a Moneybookers account simply Click Here

Summary of Play and Pay Solutions

I have shared with you my personal experience and how I was able to get around being blocked from paying and playing on an ISP with an IP (Internet Protocol) address located in the United States. You may also encounter this problem from many other countries. Before you sign up with any service promising you access to Online Casino Gaming, be sure to read the Country availability section of the supplier’s website if available and use Google or another preferred Search Engine to check forums for experiences of other players. As for options for making deposits and collecting your winnings I have shared with you my preference but there are other companies providing different options for players in Countries finding restricted access to Internet based Casinos.

If you would like to have more information on the subject of making deposits and collecting winnings feel free to check out our article: Making Deposits and Collecting Winnings from Internet Casinos.

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