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As online gambling grew in popularity, it was only a matter of time before internet slot machines joined the collection of computerized casino games.  Many online casinos now offer internet slot machines in addition to online poker, blackjack, and other staples.

Are Internet Slot Machines Rigged?

As with any online gambling, it is incredibly important to research a casino before gambling.  If the online casino is reputable, then the internet slot machines are probably not rigged.  When reading the casino's reviews, look for overall reviews rather than reports focusing solely on the internet slot machines.  A disgruntled gambler who has not won money may post that the internet slot machines are rigged when the gambler just did not play long enough or get lucky enough.

How Do Internet Casino Slot Machines Work?

There are two types of internet slot machines.  The first is when the internet slot machine utilizes a program known as a random number generator (RNG).  The internet slot machine uses the RNG to generate a steady stream of completely random numbers, simulating the spinning of the slot machine number or icon wheels.  The other type of internet slot machine involves a rotating graphic of number wheels or icons, giving the appearance of a classic slot machine.

What Are the Hazards of Internet Slot Machines?

As with any online financial transaction, gamblers should research the casino carefully before transferring money to the casino's bank.  The internet slot machine casino should also list which gambling jurisdiction, or geographic region, governs the casino.  Since some jurisdictions are more reputable than others, it is worth researching the jurisdiction itself.  An internet slot machine casino from a reputable jurisdiction is preferable, as the jurisdiction will intervene if the casino is dishonest.
Look for internet slot machine casinos that accept eWallets, PayPal, or are affiliated with major credit cards.  This will allow the gambler to dispute fraudulent charges through the credit card or online financial service's dispute department.  Unless the gambler is very familiar with the casino and trusts the casino, wiring money or writing checks directly from a bank account is unwise. 

What Makes Internet Slot Machines Preferable?

Internet slot machines require gamblers to revise their strategies.  It is not possible to watch a room and play profitable machines when playing an internet slot machine.  However, many casinos explicitly state the internet slot machine's odds and probabilities, giving gamblers a substantial edge.  The online internet slot machines are often customizable, allowing gamblers to change themes or other traits.
The other major benefit of internet slot machines is easy accessibility.  By playing online, there is always an internet slot machine available, with no waiting.  The internet slot casino is always open and there are no hotel fees, restaurant fees, or travel costs.

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