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One of the benefits of online gaming is how fast money can be transferred especially with Paypal Internet Casinos. Only some casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites accept this payment method. Paypal is one of the most widely used online money transfer service available today. It's used worldwide, and is one of the most widely trusted payment processors. This is a secure alternative for transferring funds and making purchases, safer than giving your bank information out to numerous shops, faster than checks or money orders, and cheaper than the interest rates charged by credit card providers and bank wire fees. Unfortunately for Americans, online Paypal Internet Casinos are not available in the US.

However European players get to enjoy all the benefits Paypal brings to gambling. The benefits of using Paypal and the safety and security it offers is one big plus. Paypal is known for sophisticated security measures such as verification of your address, credit card,and bank account to reduce fraudulent activity. These measures protect both players and casinos, which lowers the overhead costs for the casinos. These benefits mean more bonus money, higher quality of service and excellent payment tracking abilities for the Paypal internet casino. But the casino isn't the only one benefiting, as players have the option of applying for the Paypal Card which allows players to withdraw funds from their pay pal account automatically from most ATM machines around the world, allowing them real- time access to their winnings.

With all these positives to using Paypal Internet Casinos should be first only player's list of favorite options. Two of the best options for European players are Bet365 and 888 Casino.

Bet365 Casino is a Paypal Internet Casino with a large playerbase and two main casino lounges.  The first lounge offers all the newest and most popular games, and the second lounge is a “Zero House Edge” with a limited number of games specifically altered to minimize house edge, like taking the zeros out of roulette. Bet365 offers a few features that makes them popular with Paypal players, including having all of their games web based. There is no software to download, and offers a for-fun mode to make players more comfortable before depositing. With low rakes and generous guaranteed prize pools, Bet365 is one of the best Paypal Internet Casinos. They also offer top of the line security measures, great sign up bonuses and first class customer service.

888 Casino offers over 120 games, 80 can be played without downloading their software. The games offered range from Marvel slot machines to all the most popular table games. Their software is sleek and fast, with great features such as password protected tournaments and the ability play up to 16 tables at a time. They are known for great promotions and bonuses as well as excellent customer service. 888 Casino is a verified Paypal internet casino and provides games in both Euros and Pounds. With their excellent deposit bonus there's never been a better time to try one of the most well known online casinos in the world.

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