Best Browser Based Internet Casino

When choosing a method for computer-based poker, the first choice is whether to play at a browser based internet casino or to download a game directly onto a personal computer.  There are several factors to consider when making this choice, but the vast majority of internet gambling professionals recommend browser based internet casinos and strongly advise players to stay away from downloadable games.

Browser based internet casinos are safer for your computer.

Obviously, a downloaded game requires the player to download material from a website, whereas a browser based internet casino game is played entirely online through a browser.  There is no guarantee that the software is free of malware, spyware, and viruses.  With online identity theft growing, it is extremely inadvisable to download a casino game.  There are countless reports of gamblers who normally play at browser based internet casinos but decided to try downloading a game and downloaded a blackjack or poker game with an embedded virus.  Since some viruses can transmit information from your computer or browser activities, including online gambling activities, and broadcast it back to the sender, this makes it relatively easy to gain access to credit card numbers and other vital data.  It is not worth the risk of downloading malicious software when gamblers can access better browser based casino games online with no downloads.
Another worrying trend is casinos who claim to have entirely browser-based internet casinos but require "downloaded updates" before the gambler can access the browser based internet casino rooms.  A reputable browser based online casino will not ask you to download unnamed files directly from the site.  A browser based online casino may require Flash or DirectX plug-ins, but they will let you know that you are downloading from Microsoft or Java.

Browser based internet casinos are more fun

Browser based internet casinos give the gambler far greater flexibility and choice.  If a gambler wants to play for real money, a browser based online casino will have a separate room for that.  If the gambler decides to switch to free online blackjack, the browser based online casino can generate a new game within seconds.  The gambler can switch games without downloading new programs, installing programs, or opening and closing old programs.  There is also a far greater selection at a browser based online casino, so gamblers can avoid getting into ruts by trying out new games without waiting for a download.
While browser based online casinos are far safer than downloaded casino games, it is still very important to choose a reputable browser based online casino.  Always check the owners or operating companies of the browser based online casinos and make sure they are legitimate, secure companies and not fronts.  It is also worth looking up customer reviews for browser based online casinos.  Look for a browser based online casino with generally positive overall reviews and few allegations of fraud.  
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