Bet365 - Big Ben Internet Slot Machine Review

To start out playing at Bet365 Casino I had to use an IP from a country other than the United States so the first thing I did was fire up Strong VPN.

The Big Ben Internet Slot Machine found at Bet365 Casino is a five reel, 25 pay line machine not attached to a progressive jackpot. You are able to bet amounts from 10 cents up to $2.00 per line and from one to twenty five lines. Your minimum bet amount is 10 cents to play one line and maximum bet per spin is fifty dollars if you play the 25 lines with the $2.00 bet. For my test purposes I played 25 lines with 50 cents bet on each line so each spin was worth $12.50.

Playing the Slot Machine

Big ben Internet Casino Payout Chart

The reels are made up of various cards from Nine to King along with a tavern sign, Double Decker buses, the British Flag, Phone Booth and Lantern. The big payout is for the Royal Crown and you have Big Ben and Palace Guards as scatter symbols paying wins and activating bonuses.

Big Ben Bonus Features

The internet Casino game is loaded with Bonus Features. The Big Ben Bonus Feature is triggered any time Big Ben appears on Reel 1 and 5. When the Big Ben feature is activated you will hear the clock chime from one to twelve times. One chime equals 2x bonus up to 12 chimes which will give 500x bonus. To view all the bonus levels of the Big Ben Bonus Feature check the chart below.

Big Ben Bonus

The palace guard is a wild symbol and when you win using the wild symbol the winning amount is doubled. It is also possible to win free spins if Big Ben appears anywhere on the board in three to five locations. Free spins in the amount of 15, 20 and 25 respectively are given for 3, 4 or 5 Big Ben symbols scattered anywhere on the screen. Payouts are doubled during the bonus spins.

Another feature available is the ability to wager your winnings each time up to 4x depending on if you choose a black card to appear or choose the suit of a card to appear. Picking the color will earn you a double-up and choosing the suit will increase your earning by up to four times.

My Summary

I really enjoyed playing this internet slot machine. The wild card Palace Guards came into play often for me. I was able to take advantage of every bonus feature in my hour of play and walked away up $272.50 for the time spent during this review. My Big Ben Bonus paid 9x on a $25 win line which was a great help. I love the gamble feature allowing you to double-up your money as often as you like.

All this action combined with the Bet365 sign-up bonus makes this an excellent choice for entry into the world of online slot machines. I know if you play this game you will not be disappointed. Get started playing at Bet365 Online Casino today by simply clicking here.

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