Managing your bankroll at the online casino

A disciplined and skillful handling of your bankroll is enormously important for online casino players. Gambling on the Internet can easily become an addiction that can lead to financial ruin. With a reasonable approach, however, this is quite avoidable, and gambling is much more fun when you are not "betting the farm".

First, you should set yourself a monthly limit - an amount you can afford to lose. Calculate how much money is left after taking into acount your net salary, rent and costs for living expenses.

Determine how many "sessions" per month you want to play at the online casino, then divide the monthly amount at your disposal by the number of sessions. Now you have a limit per session - stop the session when you lose this amount!

Similarly, it is important to set a goal before each session, in the form of an amount you want to win before stopping. Let's say you get started with $50 - here it would be advisable, for example, to stop gambling as soon as you have accumulated $150. After all, you have won enough to play with "house money" during the next two sessions!

Bankroll Management example for Blackjack

A strategy that has always worked nicely for me is the 5% principle. Suppose I get into the session with $100. Then I would divide the $100 by 20, and thus play with $5 a hand. When I am winning, I adjust my standard bet after some time, for example, if I had gone up to $200, I would choose to play $10 hands from that point on. But here, too, I always have a target in mind and if I reach it, I would log in my winnings and leave.

Bear in mind that you can always lose at the online casino - it is called gambling for a reason after all! But the real fun starts when you have the strength to quit after you have made a small profit. The feeling of having beaten the casino is simply great. If you are able to muster the discipline to stop in time when you are winning, you will also have the strength not to fall prey to a gambling addiction!

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